Hi, John Whittaker here.

My goal for the Listener's Commentary is for as many people as possible to experience the life changing message of the Bible. And that's why I'm making it available for free - so that whoever wants it can access it. 


There are hours and hours of content (representing years and years of study and teaching) on this site, and rather than charge for it, I've decided to make it a crowdfunded project.


As a crowdfunded work, the Listener's Commentary is made possible by people like you who have benefited from it and believe in its power to impact people. There are people all over the world learning the Bible and growing in their faith because of the generosity of God's people. Thank you for your support!

Every gift no matter the size -- $5 - $25 -$100 or more -- makes a lasting difference in the lives of people all around the world who are growing in their faith because of your support. May the Lord bless you for you generosity!

Donations are received in partnership with World Family Mission, a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit ministry.